News is up and running! This site will focus on my fine art outside of the works I do in the commercial realm. While showcasing the works is primary the site was built to also double as a store front allowing the sale of certain originals as well as prints. For the next one year one month (spanning from 10/10/10-11/11/11) the site will overtaken with Project XxXxX.

Project XxXxX (or 10x10x10) is to be 1000 works, all 10x10 inches. It is an exercise to push myself with experimentation in mediums, techniques, mark making; to continue learning. It is also an exorcise of expelling and exploring ideas quickly, as in my lifetime I will never be able to produce physically the amount of work that my imagination creates. It is a process of weeding out and allowing myself to be more playful. The works themselves lie in a limbo between sketch book and a high polished "finished" piece. The mediums and surfaces will range. Printmaking processes will be used, however all works will be original and one of a kind.

The works of Project XxXxX are available for $100 each (plus shipping and handling) at New works will be added regularly and updates will also appear on my Facebook.